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Je suis tombé par hasard sur cet hommage sur le net. Je ne sais pas qui est ce Félix, ni dans quel pays il vit….
Mais il nous offre une belle chanson, en anglais et en français, issue de son incompréhension des récents attentats.
Les paroles sont disponibles sur sa page Youtube.

En quelques mots…

While away on a songwriting sabbatical, news came through of an attack on those celebrating the 14th of July on the Promenade des Anglais in Nice, France. This news followed weeks of seemingly non-stop reports of violence from the United States – and it should be said has been followed in the last two weeks alone by attacks in Munich, Reutlingen, Kabul, and Ansbach.

Over the two days driving home I had this melody going around and around in my head and, over a number of days, 600 kms, discussions in both French and English and a very long night in a motel room, I wrote this song. It is not meant as a tribute, but rather as a vocalisation of a certain sense of confusion, anger, and sorrow over what happened in Nice and is happening around the world.


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